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When searching for the best attorney at law in Alpharetta, Georgia for your unique situation, be sure to consider Oles Law Group. David Oles is a graduate of Harvard University and has a distinguished 25-year track record successfully litigating extremely complex divorce, family and business law cases.

Divorce, Family & Business Law

As a divorce, family and business law expert, Mr. Oles is uniquely qualified to protect his clients in the most comprehensive manner possible. So, whether you plan to form a new marital or corporate relationship, or circumstances require you to dissolve a relationship that is no longer viable, engage Oles Law Group to escape uncertainty and gain peace of mind.

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While divorce may be the only remaining path to security and happiness, it will provoke emotions which can cause the most level-headed person to abandon reason. The impact of divorce will endure long after the gavel drops and will affect your family members, friends, property and finances.

If you fail to take divorce proceedings seriously, it will be the single most destructive force you ever experience!

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Family Law

Family law can be even more traumatic than divorce proceedings. Alimony, child custody and support may have been previously decreed, but now modifications and enforcement of court orders reopen old wounds and create new ones.

We strive to make these extremely uncomfortable circumstances as bearable as possible for all concerned. Having an understanding, inventive and well-experienced family law attorney at your side makes all the difference.

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Business Law

Oles Law Group practices all types business law from business formations to complex litigations and contract disputes.

Having spent time as an entrepreneur in the private sector gives Mr. Oles’ a unique perspective and sincere appreciation for business owners from which you will greatly benefit.

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