Division of Non-Qualified Retirement Plans

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Understanding Non-Qualified Retirement Plans

Non-qualified retirement plans include those that are generally given to high-ranking employees, such as key executives. These plans differ from standard IRA or 401K plans as a result of their unique regulations. Non-qualified retirement plans may be considered marital property that can be divided in a divorce. It is important to understand that the division and distribution of non-qualified retirement plan benefits is a both difficult and complex process.

You may be able to avoid having your non-qualified retirement plan divided prior to retirement by taking one of the following steps:

  • Increase alimony payments under the circumstances that your plan remains untouched.
  • Exchange valuable assets in return for the value of your former spouse's share of the plan.
  • Build an agreement that states you will pay your spouse a percentage of your monthly payout upon retirement.

It would be within your best interests to seek the legal counsel of our experienced divorce attorney in Alpharetta as soon as possible. When you choose to work with our firm, we will assess your plan and guide you down the avenue that best suits your needs.

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