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Matters of child custody and visitation tend to be the most difficult and emotionally-charged aspects of a divorce. Although the child will primarily live with the custodial parent, the child’s other parent, grandparents, and even step-parents may have the right to visit or spend time with them.

For knowledgeable counsel regarding your visitation rights, call our experienced Alpharetta family lawyer at The Law Offices of David E. Oles. As a parent of three children, Attorney Oles truly understands your desire to be a part of your child or grandchild’s life. When you retain our firm, we will remain committed to your case, and will advocate tirelessly for your visitation rights.

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The Law Offices of David E. Oles stands for the rights of parents, grandparents, and most importantly, children. We believe that, in most cases, it is in the best interests of a child to be able to spend time with their parents and grandparents, and we’ll work determinedly to establish your visitation rights when you choose our firm. We’re proud to represent:

  • Fathers – If your child was born out of wedlock, you as a father must take legal action to establish your parental rights, visitation included. When you choose our attorney to help you file a legitimation action, we can work to get you the visitation rights you deserve.
  • Mothers – If the child’s other parent was named the custodial parent, you may need assistance from an attorney to enforce or establish your right to visitation. This is especially true if you were initially denied visitation due to a drug or alcohol problem, but have now turned your life around.
  • Grandparents – Whether for valid reasons or personal grudges, grandparents are often prevented from seeing or spending time with their grandchildren after a divorce. Thankfully, grandparents have rights under Georgia law, and our attorney can help you demonstrate that your spending time with the child will be in their best interests.

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If you need to establish your visitation rights, or if the other parent is violating a court-ordered visitation schedule, call our firm immediately. While parents do have rights, you must prove that visitation will be in the best interests of your child. By choosing The Law Offices of David E. Oles, you’re choosing an Alpharetta child custody attorney who truly cares about you, your rights, and your desire to be involved in your child or grandchild’s life.

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