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If you are considering divorce, it is important that you speak with an experienced attorney from The Law Offices of David E. Oles. Without the appropriate guidance, a misinformed choice could jeopardize your rights as a parent, your financial well-being, and your future. Divorce has a notorious reputation for being very contentious. Many people know of friends or family members who have been involved with heated courtroom battles and emotional arguments. Whether your situation can be resolved amicably or calls for litigation in the courtroom, rest assured that our Alpharetta Divorce Attorneys will be by your side from start to finish.

When you need aggressive yet empathetic representation, you can rely on our Alpharetta Divorce Attorneys. We always plan for the best possible outcomes, and we provide regular client communications to keep you up-to-date on all issues and developments. Experienced in both trial courts and appeals courts, we offer top tier legal training without the big firm rates. We are respected by judges and our peers, and we cannot be intimidated.Not only do we have extensive experience with judges in the Atlanta metro area, but we have unique experience trying family law cases across the United States. Let us put our experience and dedication to work for you.

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What If My Divorce Goes to Court?

The components of a divorce are some of the most emotional legal matters you may ever face. Combine this with your likely disdain for your soon-to-be ex, and you have a recipe for a bitter legal battle. Some divorces - uncontested divorces - are resolved in a fairly straightforward manner and do not need to be taken to court, because the two spouses are able to agree on the terms of marriage. When spouses are unable to agree on terms, however; courtroom visits must occur in order to resolve the contested matters with a judge. Our Alpharetta Divorce Attorneys can aggressively enforce your interests in legal issues such as:

At The Law Offices of David E. Oles, our Alpharetta divorce attorney is a fearless litigator with extensive trial experience. While we take a compassionate approach with our clients, we are prepared to fight aggressively on their behalf in court. If your divorce is getting heated or emotionally charged, Attorney Oles is the tough advocate you need.

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David Oles If you are contemplating divorce, you should know that it is never too early to talk to a lawyer in order to discuss your options and proactively protect your rights and interests for the process ahead. Our Alpharetta Divorce Attorneys can sit down with you and get to know your story. Once we understand your unique circumstances, we can direct you in a way that can help protect your interests for the long-term. Before initiating the divorce process, however, you must be aware of many different things that you and your spouse should address. It may be your choice to work with your spouse in an amicable manner (which is ideal for many separating couples), or it may not. Whatever your choice may be, whenever necessary, we can help intervene through negotiation or litigation.

For over two decades, Attorney David Edward Oles, Sr. has provided his clients with skilled and effective advocacy in family law. During your complimentary first meeting, we can discuss your situation and talk about how to pursue a legal strategy that will help ensure a positive and hopeful future for you and your loved ones. With the Law Offices of David E. Oles, you don't have to worry about the final outcome of your divorce because we work hard to help secure the best possible outcome for you.

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