Same Sex Divorce

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After decades of protracted court battles, infringed rights, and widespread discrimination, gay and lesbian Americans have finally received the same rights afforded to heterosexual individuals; namely, the right to get married. As with any other couple, however, irreconcilable differences in a same-sex marriage may lead to a divorce.

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What Are Acceptable Grounds for a Same Sex Divorce?

There is zero legal distinction between a same sex divorce and a heterosexual divorce, so the process will be the same. In Georgia, there are two types of divorce cases – contested, and uncontested. The type of divorce will be dependent on your ability to work with your spouse and compromise.

  • Uncontested divorce is only possible if you and your spouse can agree on things like property division, and child custody schedules if you have kids.
  • Contested divorce is typically a much longer process, as these issues must be worked out through the court rather than with your spouse. These divorces can also be much more expensive.

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