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In family court, an appeal can be filed to a higher court to review a decision that was made by a lower court. The process to appeal a decision can be long and arduous without proper representation from a dedicated family law attorney from the Law Offices of David E Oles, LLC.

Appealing a court’s decision can mean the difference between protecting the wellbeing and rights of your family and living with an unnecessarily harsh legal outcome. David E. Oles has 20 years of experience in helping secure the best possible results for clients and its founding attorney continuously maintains an “Excellent” Rating by Avvo, Inc.

What issues can you appeal?

There are a number of factors to consider when determining whether you have grounds to appeal a family court decision. The mistake you believe the judge made with your case must be an error in law or in fact.

Examples of errors in law and errors in fact are as followed:

  • An error in law - An example of an error in law would be if a judge grants a parent, who has been convicted of domestic violence, full visitation rights when state law requires counseling before custody rights are awarded.
  • An error in fact - An example of an error in fact would be if a judge awards sole custody to a parent who has been convicted of sexual assault on the child, when the evidence strongly suggests the other parent is far more suited to raise the child.

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Time is crucial in appeal cases – you have 30 to 60 days from the day you received the court order to initiate the appeals process and you should not hesitate to put our Alpharetta divorce lawyer on your side. Clients who hire our services can rest assure that the representation they receive will be personally tailored to meet their specific needs. At the Law Offices of David E Oles, LLC, your case and its outcome are our priority.