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Division of Life Insurance Policies

When two individuals get married, it is not uncommon for them to purchase life insurance to ensure the financial security of family members, should one of the spouses unexpectedly pass away. If you are considering a divorce, you should not overlook your shared life insurance policy during the asset division process. Our legal professionals will help you and your spouse understand the vital changes that must be made to your policy prior to the finalization of your divorce. Get in touch an Alpharetta divorce lawyer at the Law Offices of David E Oles, LLC as soon as possible! We provide personalized legal counsel.

Making Decisions that Will Impact Your Future

Choosing to legally terminate your marriage will not only affect you in the present – it will likely change the course of your entire life. As a result of the serious and complex nature of your case, it is crucial that you review the details of your life insurance policy. We will help you make the necessary changes to your life insurance plan and divorce agreement in order to ensure that your future and the futures of your loved ones are secure!

Here are just a few of the many ways we can assist you:

  • We will review your divorce agreement.
  • We will re-evaluate the duration of your coverage.
  • We will help you choose and legally rename your beneficiaries.
  • We will review your unique situation and help you determine an appropriate coverage amount.

Our Team Is Ready To Assist You

Remember, the finalization of your divorce does not automatically remove your former spouse from being your life insurance beneficiary. Removing and re-designating life insurance beneficiaries is a very complicated process. Do not try to handle the issue of your life insurance policy alone! We can offer you our legal guidance and professional counsel every step of the way. Attorney David Oles has extensive experience and an "Excellent" Avvo rating.