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Child Custody

Child custody matters are among some of the most commonly contested family law issues. A divorce can be emotional enough but, when parents must make difficult decisions regarding the custody of their children, the termination of a marriage could become even more tumultuous. Without appropriate legal guidance, even the most amicable of spouses can act in haste or out of spite. By working with our compassionate child custody attorney at the Law Offices of David E Oles, LLC, you can have the peace of mind in knowing your best interests are our priority.

Why Choose Our Child Custody Law Firm?

  • We utilize our more than 20 years of legal experience to your benefit
  • We use the law to lead your case to a favorable outcome, informing you of your rights and options every step of the way
  • We are backed by satisfied client testimonials
  • We proactively investigate every possible avenue for your family, whether your best interests lie in litigation or negotiation

If you are considering divorce and have minor children, don't be tempted to make snap legal decisions that could have lifelong implications on your family. One mistake or one misstep could result in a loss of your parental privileges.

Providing Client-Focused Advocacy Since 1995

At the Law Offices of David E Oles, LLC, our divorce attorney believes that children have the right to be under the parentage of both parents, whenever possible. We strive to the best of our ability to secure a child custody arrangement that is fair for every member of the family but that still upholds your family's unique dynamic. Despite a drastic legal change, we want you, your former spouse, and your children to feel confident as you move forward in this new chapter of your lives. Attorney David Edward Oles has the experience and dedication necessary to truly make a difference in your child custody case. As a father of three, he is passionate about protecting the parental rights of his clients. We understand the delicate nature of family law issues - especially matters that focus on your children's rights and issues that could impact your relationship with your children.

Fair Child Custody Agreements to Help Protect Your Family & Future

You and your child's other parent have an equal right - in most cases - to custody of your child. You also have an equal right to pursue sole custody. The court will prioritize the best interests of the child in arriving at a decision that can ensure the child is protected during such a difficult transition period. For advice regarding your specific situation, contact our knowledgeable child custody lawyer as soon as possible. We understand how important your child's future is to you, which is why we are dedicated to pursuing the resolution that you need at this time.

In determining child custody, here are some of the things that the court will assess:

  • Whether the situation will ensure continuity in the child's life
  • The physical and emotional health and stability of each parent
  • How each parent is employed and the time schedule of their occupations
  • Any special needs of the child, including those involving his / her health and education
  • The parenting histories of each parent
  • The ability of each parent to provide a loving, supportive, and stable home life for the child
  • How involved each parent is in the daily activities of the child
  • The willingness of each parent to involve the other in the child's upbringing and to foster a healthy relationship

If you are experiencing parental alienation or being forbidden access to your child without cause, contact David E. Oles for the aggressive advocacy you need. We're ready to fight for you. Schedule a case evaluation today to discuss your individual case with a caring legal professional who can guide you in the right direction and help you take steps to protect your child.