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Family Court Order Modifications

Are you discontent with the orders in place through the court for matters regarding the custody and support of your children? It is common for circumstances to change and in turn the needs in the orders change as well. At the Law Offices of David E Oles, LLC, we understand the need for modifications as life moves forward. With plenty of experience in the field, our Alpharetta modification attorney is prepared to help you pursue the orders that you need.

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Child custody and child support orders are not generally altered unless one parent asks and has a need for it to happen. For example, if you have lost your job and you need your child support obligation to be reduced, there is a great chance that the court will allow a modification. This type of emergency situation can be an exception to the two-year waiting period of pursuing a modification.

Some of the requirements that the court will need to see in a modification case are:

  • The suffering of a hardship
  • A substantial change in the income of a parent
  • A change in the needs of the child

These types of cases can be brought about before the two year period is completed. In order for a case to be an exception, a parent must have either suffered an involuntary loss of income or must have suffered from the noncustodial parent failing to abide by the visitation orders. After the two-year period has passed, a parent can ask for a modification of the visitation schedule without needing to show any change in circumstances. Custody orders, on the other hand, will still require a significant change in circumstances to modify. If you have specific questions about your need for a modification, do not hesitate to call our Alpharetta family law attorney. We can set up a case evaluation.

We Are Here to Help

Whether you are past the two-year period and looking for a change to your custody or support order or if you have suffered from an unexpected circumstance that put you in need of a modification, we can help. We have been helping individuals pursue modifications since 1995 and have seen it all. Let us walk you through this process and help you accomplish the changes that you need.