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Parental Alienation

If you have reason to believe that your child's other parent is projecting a negative impression of you onto your child, talk to our Alpharetta child custody attorney. At the Law Offices of David E Oles, LLC, we have experience in the laws surrounding this unconscionable behavior and are prepared to help you take aggressive legal action to preserve your relationship with your child.

Because we understand that these types of relationships are considered to be one of the most precious and important in a parent's life, we are truly passionate about providing our clients with the devoted representation they deserve. Whether the behavior your child's other parent is exhibiting is overt or indirect, the negative actions, comments, or attitudes he or she exhibits toward you can have a serious effect on your child's relationship with you.

The Courts Rule In Favor Of Your Child's Best Interests

The court in the state of Georgia holds that - whenever possible - it is in the best interest of a child that both parents be involved in his or her life. If a child's relationship with one parent is negatively influenced by the actions of the other parent, the court is willing to take action in order to uphold the child's well-being and the parental rights of the wronged party. Our Alpharetta custody attorneys understand the importance of proactively addressing this type of situation in order to protect not only your parental rights but your child's well-being.

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The importance of protecting your place in your child's life cannot be overstated. Find out how our firm will tenaciously advance your rights if your child is showing signs of alienation and you believe it is attributed to another parent's activity. Learn about the laws concerning parental alienation in Georgia.